Wiccan Goddess of Love

Alchemy England


The Triple Goddess of Wicca, Maiden-Mother-Crone, embodied as the three depicting the three phases of the moon where the Goddess embodies the triad of life's chapter's; the Maiden for youth and new beginnings, the Mother for maturity, fertility, sexuality, and power and the Crone for wisdom, tranquility, and endings. The violet, red, and pink crystals respectively represent; divination and prophecy, psychic healing, inspiration, and spiritual power; passion, sexuality, will-power, independence, health, love, passion, and fertility; tenderness, romance, caring, friendship, femininity, and emotional healing. The binding ivy is for friendship, marriage, fidelity, and affection, and the pendant Triquetra, or interwoven triangle, below, is a Wiccan symbol for the Mind, Body, and Soul and another symbol for the Neopagan Triple Goddess, but also representing the land, sea, and sky.

A double-chain necklace with the main feature a pewter triple moon symbol holding three Swarovski crystals, each differently coloured to represent spiritual values, and the whole overlaid with a bronze plated bough of pewter ivy. The second, smaller piece suspended below on a longer chain is a pewter, Celtic, interlaced Triquetra symbol; n a split trace chain, 18" (46cm) overall plus a 1 ½" extender chain.