Spider Clown Mask

Trick or Treat Studios


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The Spider Clown is without a doubt the weirdest Scary Clown Mask in our all-new Clowns of Death series. The Clowns of Death is a line of Clown Halloween Masks designed to be the most unique and scary Clown Halloween Masks ever produced.

Before turning into the The Spider Clown, an old Circus Clown named Erich decided to visit the sideshow that accompanied the traveling circus. Among the freaks of nature on display was an enormous Black Widow Spider in the biggest jar Erich had ever seen. Erich decided to get a closer look at the jar and, in the process, knocked the jar over! When the jar exploded, the Black Widow Spider was freed and proceeded to attack Erich!

What became of Erich is now preeminently on display within the tent of the Trick or Treat Studios sideshow.

Now you can become the most horrifying Clown to ever walk the earth, The Spider Clown.?

This amazing Halloween Mask was sculpted by the remains of Erich Lubatti!