Crypt Keeper Mask

Trick or Treat Studios


If you know the founders of Trick or Treat Studios, you know that they are huge fans of EC Comics, especially Tales From the Crypt, Haunt of Fear and Vault of Horror.? So when we were awarded the license to EC Comics directly from the Gaines Family, we just about lost our minds.

So without further ado allow us to introduce The Crypt Keeper.

The Crypt Keeper was the host of EC Comics most popular comic book, Tales From the Crypt. In addition to hosting Tales From the Crypt, he would occasionally appear as a character as well, and these appearances gave readers a glimpse of his biography. "The Lower Berth" (Tales from the Crypt #33) gives an account of the circumstances surrounding his birth. "While the Cat's Away" (The Vault of Horror #34) conducts a tour of his house above and below ground. "Horror beneath the Streets" (The Haunt of Fear #17) tells how he and his fellow Ghoulunatics got their EC publishing contracts.

So become the Crypt Keeper and spend your Halloween telling tales of horror to all the little kiddies in the neighborhood.